NEW Tokugawa | CPM MagnaCut Steel | Dawson Select 25" Japanese Katana | Arizona Copper Finish
NEW Tokugawa | CPM MagnaCut Steel | Dawson Select 25" Japanese Katana | Arizona Copper Finish
NEW Tokugawa | CPM MagnaCut Steel | Dawson Select 25" Japanese Katana | Arizona Copper Finish

NEW Tokugawa | CPM MagnaCut Steel | Dawson Select 25" Japanese Katana | Arizona Copper Finish

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  • NEW .210" CPM MagnaCut American made stainless powder steel
  • Next evolution in blade steel - edge wear 2x longer than CPM-3V
  • Beautiful, completely unique Arizona Copper Finish 
  • Heat treated in-house for maximum toughness, durability and edge-holding capability
  • 100% American made materials
  • Heat treated in-house for maximum toughness, durability and edge-holding capability
  • Rockwell: 60-61
  • Handcrafted CPM-3V steel tsuba (handguard) with an antiqued finish
  • Dragon menuki
  • Top bevel for balance and penetration
  • Japanese interlocking wrap in black cotton silk
  • Custom fit stitched leather sheath
  • Lifetime free resharpen included
  • Protected by Dawson Knives’ Common Sense Guarantee

Blade Length: 25"

Overall Length: 35 3/4"

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jeremy W.
Mind boggling!

Thanks to Mike Adams for introducing Dawson Knives to me and to many other America loving, Veterans, God lead & Loving Patriot preppers!! Thanks Mike for all your recs!!! I am extremely blessed for this to be my second sword from Dawson! I also bought and amazing EDC carry knife from them as well and just ordered a 7 inch blade from them just now! Can I say obsessed?! The quality and craftsmanship is mind blowing. I have practiced martial arts my entire adult life and this is about as good as it gets. The biggest kudos is to the balance of this sword. 3rd generation American made, cutting edge steel, beautiful art and craftsmanship, what more could you want?!

PS- some of your reviews on this sword are shear warrior-poet poetry! Lol🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Owen (San Francisco, US)

ROLL ROYCE CRAFTMANSHIP!…Driven by a FORD driver!…F**K!…I feel so unworthy!

MAHALO! (Thank you!)

Rizikov (Concord, US)
1st Sword

Amazing first sword, great for any collection, highly recommended, very sharp!

Keith (Upland, US)
I now have Samurai hair! I love it!

Now I’m not a man who would buy a modern version of a weapon forged for the spilling of your enemies blood on the battlefields of Sekigahara, but after listening to Mike Adams and learning about the coming zombie apocalypse and food riots, I knew I had to put aside some of my hard earned life savings to be sure I could buy this sword.

I prayed on my knees everyday that the sword would be in stock, because I know that in times like these, a weapon of this magnitude is in such high demand that it is almost unobtainable. This is May 2022, and even though satellite phones are all sold out, thank goodness we still have working internet and regular cell phone service. I logged on to the Dawsons Knives website and saw that the coveted katana blade was available! I could not type in my credit card information fast enough knowing that there were probably 50 other people doing the exact same thing as me.

My prayers were answered!

Now, I've always been a believer in the power of prayer. It didn't take long for the package to be delivered. I could hear the neighbor dogs howling in the distance when the long box was delivered to my door. I could see it right away. There was a glorious ray of sunlight spilling through the clouds like a magical spotlight catching all of my attention below. When I reached down to lift the box from my doorstep, the sound of the birds stopped. I could hear the soft music of a distant orchestra playing Handel's Messiah Hallelujah chorus echoing above me.

It all happened so quickly I don't even remember opening the box. Before I knew it, I was weilding a perfectly balanced katana in my hands. I could feel my biceps growing as I gripped the handle and a bead of sweat formed on my brow. I knew exactly what to do. And as if I had practiced the traditional art of iaido my entire adult life, the blade left the leather sheath and sliced through the air.

My wife could tell the difference immediately. I got a raise at work. My skin and hair have never looked better (Samurai hair is surprisingly very easy to maintain). I have my manly six pack abs back again like when I was 20 years old. Not to mention, with the power of this sword in my hands, our home is now completely invincible from any zombie attacks.

The only downside is that when I wear the sword, it does take me longer to get ready for work in the morning. Donning my entire ceremonial samurai armor with traditional Japanese meditation really doesn't add too much to my overall time. But, I must admit that when I have this sword on my side it does take much more time fighting off all the women propositioning me as I walk through the parking lot. "Sorry, I'm a married man," I tell them. Thus, I've decided that I will only yield the sword in the presence of my wife in the privacy of our own home. I'm afraid it's power is too great for everyday carry around town.

Mark E. (Sydney, AU)
The Sword Of All Swords Is Finally Here And Within My Grasp. Behold The Tokugawa!

I've always wanted to buy a high quality sword to decorate my wall but I kept putting it off. All thanks to Mike Adams via his Situation Update podcasts, he led me to this outstanding website whose customer service is impeccable. This is my first Dawson Knife, Dawson Sword experience and I must say, wow! What a well-crafted, beautiful-looking sword. It's shaped so well. Just look at the thickness and the curve on this thing. That to me is its highest aesthetic appeal. It's a real slice and dice, battle ready for the vaccine zombie apocalypse. This thing looks so much better than what's revealed in the photos. Feeling its weight and looking at its sheer beauty and workmanship is very intimidating. I'm too scared to use it. I don't have the courage to slice it through a plastic bottle. Me being the type of person who pays close attention to detail, cannot find fault in this extremely sharp weapon. All the way from the ultra sharp tip down to its black carbon fiber handle, everything looks utterly sublime including the beautiful thick brown leather sheath that it arrived in. Because it's hard for me to keep it in its sheath for too long, I can't help but rest it on my bed just so that I can reach over and grab it and swing it about during commercial breaks. Silly me. I accidentally tore a hole in my cover sheet. It's that damn sharp. Ha-ha. I always do a deep dive research before I purchase what I believe to be a high quality, expensive product. I want to believe that this is the world's number 1 best sword which was created by the world's number 1 best swordsmith. Yep! Now I can see why I kept missing out on buying this thing month after month. Having finally been able to draw this Excalibur from the stone, now I can see what all the fuss is about and why everything sells so quickly. First in, first serve. I was one of the lucky ones. Thank you for turning my dreams into reality of owning this most prized possession. I really appreciate it.

Adam W. (Chico, US)

A fantastic blade.

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