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  • Ronin
Ronin Ronin Ronin Ronin Ronin Ronin


1 review
$ 3,100.00


  • Features:

    • NEW 1/4" 80CrV2 high carbon alloy steel w/ Vanadium (made in Germany)
    • High contrast hamon or hard line
    • Heat treated in-house for maximum toughness, durability and edge-holding capability
    • Industry-leading Cerakote© finish protects your blade from corrosion
    • Beautiful exotic Ironwood handle
    • Handmade mosaic pins
    • Traditional Japanese-style interlocking wrap in 550 paracord
    • Top bevel for balance, speed and penetration
    • Handmade slotted tsuba
    • Hand-fitted stitched leather sheath (see options)
    • Lifetime free refurbish and resharpen included
    • Protected by Dawson Knives’ Common Sense Guarantee 

    Description: Ronin is a Samurai warrior without earthly master, beholden only to the law written in bold strokes upon his soul! Justice, a slight glimmer of light moving silently in the moonlight, two hands not just holding a work of art and master craftsmanship, but the soul of a thousand battles fought between noble and fearless warriors!

    The 11 3/4" handle is a scale tang with handmade mosaic pins of Barry's own design. It is then overlaid with his intricate Japanese Interlocking Wrap and finished with a pair of elegant dragon menuki.

    The sweeping 27" blade is artfully crafted from heavy-duty 1/4" 80CrV2 steel, with Barry's handmade brushed steel "lotus flower" hand guard at its hilt. A sleek top bevel gives the blade added balance and poise. Barry's traditional clay-hardened hamon snakes along the blade, creating a hard edge for slicing and a slightly softer back for toughness and durability. Don't miss the opportunity to own the work of one of the last great American swordsmiths!

    The sheath is custom fitted black leather, designed to be worn in a traditional Japanese obi, or a western-style belt. The overall length is 39 1/2".

    Blade: 27"

    Overall: 39.5"

    Availability: 10-12 months

     Color Options: 

    • HARD LINE: Hard Line w/ Clearkote Finish + Stabilized Wood w/ Wrap + Leather Sheath