Pecos Bowie

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  • Pecos Bowie

Pecos Bowie

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  • Features:

    • NEW 1/4" 80CrV2 high carbon alloy steel w/ Vanadium (made in Germany)
    • Heat treated in-house for maximum toughness, durability and edge-holding capability
    • Industry-leading Cerakote© finish protects your blade from corrosion
    • Premium wood handles are sealed and stabilized (Hamon Options)
    • Handmade mosaic pins (Hamon Options)
    • Hand fitted stitched leather sheath (Hamon Options)
    • Integral hand guards with thumbrests
    • Lifetime free resharpen included
    • Protected by Dawson Knives’ Common Sense Guarantee
    Description: The wild west was as full of hazards as it was adventures, and no cowboy worth his salt went unprepared. The Pecos Bowie more than answers that need with its classic frontier design and sense of traditional craftsmanship married with modern methods.

    ​The blade is heat-treated in house using our own proprietary method, developed and perfected over 40 years of professional knife-making to produce a famously tough blade and an excellent edge. With the Hard Line option (shown above) the blade is deferentially clay hardened, producing a hard edge (hard line) and a softer spine for toughness and durability. A top bevel aids balance, speed and penetration. We also apply a protective clear Cerakote finish to resist corrosion.
    ​The handle is shaped from beautiful and exotic stabilized woods to fit seamlessly into your hand, with handmade mosaic pins and a thong hole. Each Pecos Bowie also comes with a custom-fitted stitched leather sheath.​

    Blade: 8"

    Overall: 13 1/4"

    Availability: 8-12 weeks

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     Color Options:  

    • HAMON: Hardline w/ Clearkote + Stabilized Wood Handle + Leather Sheath